About Us

We are an independent provider of adoption home study and other individual and family counseling services. Our independence affords us the freedom to provide more personalized services that are tailored to the individual or family needs. We utilize a holistic approach, working on a local level in more natural settings such as the home, school, outings, etc. As such, we are able to provide our services to people all over North and Central Arkansas though we are based in the Greers Ferry Lake area.

The Mission of Our Practice:

“Our mission is to help people make healing connections by providing services based on the principles of Respect, Confidentiality, and the Right to Self-Determination through Open and Honest Communication to help the client make Informed Decisions whereby creating an environment of compassion, support and understanding

About Sarah W. Clay, LCSW

Education and Credentials:
  • Licensed Certified Social Worker
  • Master of Social Work with Highest Honors GPA 4.0
    • - University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    • - Alpha Chi National College Honor
      - Scholarship Society
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors GPA 3.9
    • - University of Central Arkansas
    • - Alpha Kappa Delta International
      - Sociology Honor Society

Organizations and Affiliations:

  • The C.A.L.L. (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime)
    Volunteer LCSW
    This organization attempts to expedite the placement of the several thousand children in Arkansas who are languishing in foster homes into loving homes. Sarah offers her time and services to provide adoption home studies free of charge to these children and their adoptive parents.
  • Child and Adolescent Service System Program (C.A.S.S.P.)
    Steering Committee Member for Cleburne County and CASSP-WrapAround Facilitator
    This organization focuses on the need for interagency collaboration and coordination across systems in delivering multiple services to seriously emotionally disturbed children. Sarah volunteers her time to network various professionals to come together with the family to discuss the children and to coordinate their systems of care. She also has administrator responsibilities on the steering committee.
  • Cleburne County Cares (C.C.C.) and Christian Health Services
    Volunteer LCSW
    This organization provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and health services to the people of Cleburne County. Sarah volunteers her time and services at the free clinic. She has also helped write the original by-laws.
  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
    Registered Member


Sarah has always enjoyed the study of people, their cultures, and their behaviors. As a child, she took pleasure reading her eldest brother’s psychology textbooks to him to “give his eyes a rest” as he studied in college. This, along with her family’s intense principles of truth, integrity, compassion, service and sharing, led her to eventually pursue her own degree in psychology. She hoped obtaining a degree in psychology would allow her to facilitate improvements and assist in the reduction of suffering in people’s family life.

While studying to complete her master’s degree, Sarah was invited to present her field work: “The Culture of Rural Poverty and Its Effects on Families”, at college symposiums in and out of state. She also completed an internship working in the Intensive Family Services of the Division of Children and Family Services of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Through her position with DHS, she worked to provide around the clock, on-call support to families in crisis.

During her two years at the Arkansas Department for Human Services following her master’s degree, she offered casework management and comprehensive intervention to families who were at risk of having their children removed from the home due to abuse or neglect or their dysfunction. Her responsibilities also included supporting reunification of families who had been separated from their children if the parents succeeded in making changes needed in themselves and their home life to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. Sarah then went on to work as a therapist and later, as the Clinical Director of the Heber Springs Behavioral Health Clinic. She has since dedicated her career to working with children and families living in stressful, dysfunctional situations.

Sarah, herself, is no stranger to the losses that life sometimes brings. This, in large part, has gained her special insight and awareness which has helped her to help others. Sarah has been exposed to the trials and struggles of single parenting, as well as the losses and grief that children experience when a family breaks down. Her experiences in overcoming many difficult situations and obstacles have equipped her with insight, fortitude, and compassion which can be helpful to those who struggle and feel overwhelmed in their own lives. This may be especially true while working with adopted children who are intrinsically dealing with various losses.

Sarah enjoys working with children and families in alternative settings where they live their lives, such as home, school, outing, etc. She believes that it is in these natural settings that behaviors can be addressed and skills can be practiced in the moment. A holistic approach is utilized for intervention and treatment which considers all the systems, venues, relationships, roles, and activities in which the individual client participates and by which he or she is affected.

A small farm setting is where Sarah resides and takes pleasure in her hobbies of gardening, art, and her array of animals including horses, pygmy goats, ducks, dogs and cats. She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and friends. Most of all, she enjoys being a grandmother.